Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism

Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism
Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism

“We are an Indian crew making a film on Sikhism that will be shown in 150 countries through the Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism It is part of their ‘Revealed’ series. We are getting rare access into the Sri Harmandar Sahib & Akal Takth at Amritsar and we plan to weave our story through this site.

We are delving into all aspects of Sikhism – from its history to it’s philosophical legacy, its temporal & spiritual ideals of Miri & Piri, Seva & Simran, its martial traditions, the 10 gurus and the 11th guru, Guru Granth Sahib (its mystical poetry & musical maryada) and much, much more.  Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism

We hope to do this through certain key characters who we follow as they visit & experience the Sri Harmandar Sahib, often reffered to as the epicentre of Sikhism. Some of these characters are from the Gurudwara itself (such as the granthis, raagis & others), some are from outside.?”

Sikhism may be the youngest religion however Sikhs worldwide have made a name for themselves, recently we have had a number of Sikhs in the Canadian cabinet including in the defence and various MP’s making a name for themselves. Our Guru’s sacrifices cannot be forgotten including the chaar sahibzaada ( four sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’) and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (Hind di Chadar). Discovery Channel Report About Sikhism

The battles of Baba Deep Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur, This video shows a report on Sikhism created by the Discovery Channel, must watch documentary, learn more about our history, lets not forget it. Our history should not be forgotten, it should be told to others.

After Ranjit Singh died in 1839 the Sikh state crumbled, damaged by vicious internal battles for the leadership.

In 1845-6 troops of the British Empire defeated the Sikh armies, and took over much Sikh territory.

The Sikhs rebelled again in 1849, and were defeated by the British, this time conclusively.

The Sikhs and the British Raj

After this final battle, the Sikhs and the British discovered they had much in common and built a good relationship. The tradition began of Sikhs serving with great distinction in the British Army.

The Sikhs got on well with the British partly because they came to think of themselves less as subjects of the Raj than as partners of the British.

The British helped themselves get a favourable religious spin when they took control of the Sikh religious establishment by putting their own choices in control of the Gurdwaras.

Good relations between Sikhs and British came to an end in 1919 with the Amritsar massacre.


A Plane Turns Restaurant Where Else But In Ludhiana

A Plane Turns Restaurant Where Else But In Ludhiana
A Plane Turns Restaurant Where Else But In Ludhiana

At initially, you obtain stunned. A Plane Turns Restaurant Where Else But In Ludhiana Inquisitiveness adheres to. And afterwards it’s large admiration. Exactly how can a plane be parked right here? Hawai Adda, ‘airport terminal’, is the name of the complicated where 4 relatives have actually opened up a dining establishment inside an airplane in Ludhiana, a city recognized for its luxury. Right here, greater than the luxury, it’s the development that strikes you.

The place is the Verka Milk Bar properties on Ferozepur Road, where Milkfed, the staterun company that has Verka brand name, has actually apparently rented out the land to Kulwant Singh for Rs 1 lakh a month. Jaswinder Singh, Kulwant’s relative as well as the handling companion, does not hand out a number about just how much it set you back and also just what’s the rental fee.

Yet he enjoys to define just how he did it: “I obtain junked aircrafts as well as transform them right into themed home entertainment places. In Punjab, it’s the very first such task, and also the initial such dining establishment in India.”

The job did encounter problem with the authorities as the local company did not understand whether to think about the creating of the airplane right here as a brand-new structure. The fire safety and security wing as well provided its no-objection certification after much conflict and also hold-up prior to the location opened up for organisation around 2 months earlier.

“There were some inquiries, due to the fact that it’s a brand-new point. However that’s all behind us currently, arranged. We have a life time lease,” proclaims Jaswinder. Aide local fire police officer Bhupinder Singh, when spoken to, claims a no-objection certification has actually been offered to Hawai Adda: “They have actually obtained the needed consents. A Plane Turns Restaurant Where Else But In Ludhiana

While the airplane is initially a 180-seater Airbus A320, the seatsing ability of the dining establishment, making it airier, has actually been minimized to 65. It was generated components from Delhi in 4 vehicles. “Specialised designers placed it with each other, and after that the insides were carried out in concerning 4 months.” Besides the aircraft parked in the front grass, the facility has a bakeshop, coffee shop and also a tiny reception hall. “But individuals primarily favor to rest inside the airplane,” Jaswinder grins.

However regulations determine that aside from luxury, it could not satisfy the various other love of Punjabis– non-vegetarian food. “It’s a pure-veg, multi-cuisine dining establishment,” claims Jaswinder, among the 4 relatives– based in Ludhiana as well as Delhi– that are companions in the task.

Ravinder Singh Jassal, kabaddi gamer from Sierra Leone in Africa that sells gold, is amongst those awaiting tables in addition to his spouse Amandeep Kaur when we see. “Our family members were seeing from Jalandhar as well as Mohali.

And also they wished to see something remarkable. Right here we are.” Jaswinder claims he obtained the brainwave on his very own “around three-four years back”, and also later on discovered that there are various other such tasks abroad. Just how did he zero in on Ludhiana? “It’s a city that suches as points that are various.” Where following? “We are still preparing,” he states, “But Punjab’s various other cities are definitely on our mind.”

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