Banda’s unique identify was Lachhman Dev. He was born in Kartik 1727 Bikrami Samvat, October-November 1670, 4 years after the delivery of Guru Gobind singh. He belonged both to Kashmir or Punjab. He was a Rajput cultivator. By the point he was simply turned 20, his astonishing thoughts was set on its job. He had a fame of being an amazing hunter.

Someday he killed a doe which instantly delivered itself of two cubs which expired in his presence. The sight shocked him. He renounced worldly life and have become a bairagi sadhu or a wandering hermit and finally settled at Nander on the banks of river Godavari in Maharashtra. He gained nice fame as a sorcerer below the title of Madhodas and commanded 1000’s of followers.

On the twenty ninth February, the residents of Delhi had lined the streets in full pressure, to get a very good sight of the present. First marched 2,000 troopers every holding a Sikh head impaled on his upright spear (so many further had been collected on the way in which). Subsequent adopted Banda Singh’s elephant.

A gold-laced pink turban was positioned on his head, and so as to add additional mockery to his plight, a brilliant printed scarlet shirt was slipped on his physique. Then got here 740 prisoners (500 had been collected on the way in which). These males had been chained in pairs and thrown throughout the backs of camels.

Their faces had been blackened, and pointed sheepskin or paper caps have been clapped on their heads. Behind this line got here the Mughal Commanders, Mohammed Amin Khan, his son Kamar-ud-Din Khan, and his son-in-legislation Zakaria Khan. Their military males lined either side of the streets.

Banda Singh was then given a brief sword and ordered to kill his personal son Ajai Singh. As he sat unperturbed, the cxecutioner moved ahead and plunged his sword into the little youngster reducing the hody into two. Then items of flesh have been reduce from the physique and thrown in Banda’s face. His liver was eliminated and thrust into Banda Singh’s mouth. The daddy sat by all this with none indicators of emotion. His powers of endurance had been to be examined nonetheless additional.

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