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JUNE 1984 GHALUGHARA In June 1984, KNOW ABOUT 2 LIONS AWAKEN SAHID SATWANT SINGH & BEANT SINGH  the Sikh Nation experienced the power-drunk Brahmin Indira Gandhi send out the Indian Army, on the spiritual day of the Shaheedipurab of Sahib Siri Guru Arjan Dev ji, to strike Siri Darbar Sahib, Siri Akal Takht Sahib and also 40 even more historic Gurdwaras.

They utilized numerous squadrons of Army as well as storage tanks, and also struck the hundreds of innocent explorers that concerned pay aspects of the Shaheedi of Guru ji, and also numerous, several Sikh Sangat, Singhs, Singhnian, youngsters and also senior citizens came to be Shaheed. Sri Akal Thakht Sahib was desecrated by storage tanks. This military activity by Indira Gandhi melted in the heart of every Sikh. It resembled a terrific difficulty had actually been put prior to the Sikh Nation. KNOW ABOUT 2 LIONS AWAKEN SAHID SATWANT SINGH & BEANT SINGH

The Sikh Nation was very upset at the activity. Along with the genocide, Sri Harmandar Sahib had actually been dishonored and also Siri Akal Thakht Sahib desecrated. The moments of Massa Rangar had actually returned, as well as the Sikh Nation needed a Bhai Sukha Singh and also Bhai Mehtab Singh.

Sikhs claiming Waheguru, sent out Sukha Singh as well as Mehtab Singh to care for Massa Rangar.


Bhai Beant Singh Malowan visited several of his family members. His uncle was called Kehar Singh and also was really knowledgable of Sikh viewpoint. Beant Singh remained in a state of embarassment, combined with rage as well as anxiety. He asked, “Uncle ji, will Waheguru send out a Sukha Singh as well as Mehtab Singh to retaliate this wrong of desecration of Sri Darbar Sahib?” 1984

While handing him a publication on Baba Jarnail Singh Bindranwale, his uncle responded, “Do not greive, if you have love of Sikhi, after that find out that providing your head, and also taking a moving towards Sikhi are equivalent. Nevertheless, somebody needs to be the child of Sukha Singh and also Mehtab Singh.

They took Khande ki Pahul Amrit from Sahib Siri Guru Gobind Singh, went as well as took the head of Massa Rangar to quit the desecration of Siri Darbar Sahib hence ended up being tales in Sikh History. We have to remember them, and also come to be like them.”

These words from his uncle resembled a spear in his heart. Currently Bhai Beant Singh was searching for a buddy that would certainly compromise all to retaliate the activity on Siri Darbar Sahib. Ultimately Beant Singh’s eye landeded on Satwant Singh, that remained in Indira Gandhi’s security pressure with him.

When he very carefully came close to Satwant Singh, the young Singh reacted “Elder sibling, for this spiritual job, not just this life, yet also if I need to compromise numerous lives, I would certainly to eliminate a harsh killer like Indira Gandhi!”

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