Proof from Bhai Gurdas ji di conflict, author of Sri Guru granth Sahib ji.  Dr. Zakir Naik as soon as questioned and objected on turning of Kaaba by Guru Nanak ji. (Many others additionally object and say that non Muslims may by no means enter Mecca however they neglect in sixteenth century, it was a desrted city and Guru Nanak ji was in guise of Muslim.

I could clear his doubts and all different curios readers that Kaaba has additionally turned thrice not solely as soon as earlier than go to of Guru Nanak ji.

An eyewitness account primarily based on the diary of an Arabic author who accompanied him

Throughout Guru Nanak’s journeys within the Center East, an area creator, Taajudin Naqshabandhi, joined Guru Nanak and remained with him for roughly one-and-a-half to 2 years. Taajudin documented his time with Guru Nanak in nice element. 4 centuries later, a younger man from Kashmir, Syed Mushtaq Hussain, chanced upon Taajudin’s handwritten manuscript whereas finding out to change into an Islamic scholar. This manuscript modified Mushtaq’s life. He transformed to Sikhism and went on to turn into the famend Sant Syed Prithipal Singh.

Within the absence of any facility obtainable for copying the ebook in facsimile, Mushtaq Hussain took notes from Taajudin’s manuscript. He additionally took notes from one other ebook, Twarikh-e-Arab, written by Khwaja Jainul Abdin, a Muslim creator who additionally accompanied Guru Nanak throughout his travels to Mecca. Mushtaq’s notes later shaped the idea of the Punjabi e book,

Khwaja Jainul Abdin, the creator of Tarikhe Arab, wrote the primary-individual account of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Arabian journey. In his Arabic ebook, he writes, “I used to be with Guru Nanak Dev Ji when Guru Ji met Qazi (an Islamic non secular decide) Rukn-ud-din.” As they got here face-to-face, Rukn-ud-din supplied his Salam, and the Guru replied, “Sat Shri Akal, Gurbar Akal” (The Lord immortal is the only reality; the all-highly effective timeless God). Rukn-ud-din requested, “Fala Alla Mazahbu,” that means “which faith do you belong to?” The response was, “Abdulla Allah La Mazahabu,” which means “I’m God’s servant; I’ve no faith.”

When Guru Nanak was sleeping close to Kaaba, his ft had been in route to Kaaba. The attendents when observed, they knowledgeable Qazi Rukunudin. He got here there and pushed a kick in waste of Baba Nanak and requested, “who is that this infidel (Kafir) sleeping by protecting his ft in direction of god’s residence? At this the Guru replied,” I’m an previous man and drained. I have no idea which aspect Alalh lives. kindly flip toes the place Allah doesn’t reside.”

At this the Qazi maintain his toes and turned his physique however he was surprized to see that in whichever path he turned toes of guru, the Kaaba was additionally turned.

Bhai Gurdas ji offers account of go to of Baba Nanak at Mecca.

His sixth sense instantly warned him that this man isn’t any odd particular person. After which he bowed earlier than Guru Nanak.

Many Muslims take offense with the reference that Jeevan (Qazi Rukunudin) noticed the Kaaba transfer as he moved Guru Nanak’s ft to level them in a path away from Kaaba. They declare that this might not have occurred. Nonetheless, there are numerous well-known references in Islam which speak in regards to the Kaaba transferring.

1*****Hazrat Iban writes in his e book Fatuhat Makih that he noticed the Kaaba rise to crush him when he thought inappropriate ideas concerning the Kaaba throughout the Hajj (Israr Shariat, half 2, web page seventy four)

2*****Rabia, when passing via a forest on her technique to the Hajj for the second time, noticed the Kaaba coming in direction of her to welcome her. Rabia stated, I hoped to see God. I’ve no want for God’s home. If he had been to stroll in direction of me a size of a hand, I’ll advance a yard in direction of him. What do I do with the Kaaba? This doesn’t please me.

three*****Hazrat Ibrahim Azam went to Mecca, and was shocked to see the Kaaba lacking. He thought his eyesight was failing him. He heard a voice which mentioned, “there may be nothing improper along with your eyesight, the Kaaba has gone to welcome a girl who is just too feeble to stroll to the Hajj” (Tazkiratul Awliayah, web page sixty two).

I could remind you that When Mohammad Sahib was proclaimed to be the final prophet, his spouse Aisha protested and stated to individuals, “say that he’s the ‘seal of prophets’ however don’t say there isn’t any prophet after him.”

♣….A couple of Hindu devotee Bhagat Namdev, it’s stated that when he recited Lord’s title and turned his face in any route, the DEODI, entrance of temple turned in the direction of that route wherever he turned his face.

A holy hymn in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji narrates this historic proof as JION JION NAAMA HAR GUN UCHRE BHAGAT JNA KAO DEHURA PHIRE !!

♣…..AND IN RAMAYANA, THE MOTHER SITA WHEN CRIED AND PRAYED TO MOTHER EARTH, a gorge was instantly appeared, Sita entered in it after which it disappeared. That additionally proves that the character is underneath management of devotees or the Godman and works at their will.

Jeevani Maaree Lati Dee Kayharhaa Soutaa Kudhar Kudhaaree.
The qazi named Jivan kicked him and requested who was this infidel enacting blasphemy.

Lataa Vali Khudaai Day Kiu Kari Paiaa Hoi Bajigaaree.
Why this sinner is sleeping his legs unfold in direction of God, Khuda.

Tangon Pakarhi Ghaseetiaa Dhiriaa Makaa Kalaa Dikhaaree.
Catching maintain of the legs he lynched (Baba Nanak) and ,
lo and behold ! –The miracle, the entire of Mecca gave the impression to be revolving.

Hoi Hairaanu Karayni Juhaaree ॥32॥
All received shocked and so they all bowed.

So, right here Gurdas jee explains the incident at Mecca. Now so far as the revolving of Mecca is worried, the matter wants deep understanding. It’s well-known that every one the Guru’s have been strictly towards performing miracles to show their would possibly.
So, when Qazi Jeevan got here and requested Guru Jee that why he had his ft within the route the place the Lord dwells, then Guru Jee calmly replied that he ought to flip his toes in a route the place God would not dwell (ie., the place the Kaa’ba just isn’t current). Now, Gurdas Jee says that when Jeevan moved the Guru’s ft, then to him, the entire of Mecca “appeared to be revolving”. He would not say that Mecca actually revolved.
Additionally, a factor to notice is that Bhai Gurdas Ji didn’t say, ‘Kaaba’ moved, he used the time period ‘Mecca’. Now, Mecca is the town, whereas the Kaaba is that construction (which is considered being ‘revolved’). He used the phrase ‘Maharabay’ to check with the ‘Kaba mosque’, however he did not use this phrase to say in regards to the ‘revolution’.

Now, we additionally want to know that what was Guru Jee’s defintion of Mecca:
Listed here are two verses:

Saṯar kĝbĝ gẖat hī bẖīṯar je kar jĝnai ko▫ī. ||2||
The Temple of Mecca is hidden inside your thoughts, for those who solely knew it. ||2||

Man kar makĝ kiblĝ kar ḝehī.
Let your thoughts be Mecca, and your physique the temple of worship.

So, Guru Jee didn’t have a bodily notion of Mecca.
Gurmat defines Mecca, Haaji and Kaaba in a manner of spirituality. Haaji is one who Purifies his personal coronary heart, Mecca is the thoughts of an individual which must be turned(i.e one turns into Gurmukh from Manmukh). Kaaba is the center(not bodily) which is current in between an individual, if thoughts turns towards coronary heart and compassion arises then,robotically hajj is completed.
So, Guru Jee needed to show/change the mindset of individuals. Thus, when Bhai Gurdas Jee says, Mecca moved, he implies that the minds of the individuals have been moved.Qazi Jeevan felt the presence of The Lord in each route, and so his thoughts moved, his notion that God dwells solely in a single path was modified. Effectively, could also be it was simply the idea of some individuals/Qazis like Jeevan that God is current solely in a single course, and the assumption of these folks modified. So, it have been Guru Jee’s mere phrases : “Wherein course is God not?” that moved/revolved their minds and so they understood that God is current in all instructions. He additionally moved the folks by making them notice that paying obeisance to the Kaa’ba( ie., doing hajj )whereas doing immoral deeds shall not be fruitful, and this he didn’t solely in Mecca, however in nearly all non secular locations he visited. So, the revolution was not a literal one, however a collection of modifications within the mindset of the folks.